West Mountain Farm

Pastured Pigs, Free-Range Chickens, Biodynamic Gardening, Homesteading

West Mountain Farm and Garden CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, it is a way for farmers and clients to have a closer relationship and share the in season produce, eggs, and flowers. We will be using a ‘pay-as-you-go’ food box CSA that will use the Arkansas Yoga Center as a drop-off/pick-up location. Many CSA’s ask for an upfront payment for the entire season, we are choosing the ‘pay-as-you-go’ system for the ease of the client and the unpredictable nature of farming. There will be a money can on the back deck at AYC. We ask that no produce shall enter the AYC building, all pick-ups and exchanges will be done on the back deck at AYC through Arianna. We will be doing a Thursday and Sunday morning exchange (specific time to be announced). More logistic details to come. This is also our first year selling our products this way, so the needs of our customers in relation to the ebb and flow of product availability is a new journey for us! More details to come after I receive feedback.

We will be limiting the number of shares to 20 (first come basis), our choice of shares are:


Produce box: $20

-tomatoes, eggplants, tomatillos, hot and sweet peppers

-squash, zucchini, cucumbers, okra, green beans

-beets, radish, carrots, corn

-fresh culinary and tea herbs

-and more!


Tomato only box: $20

-a plethora of sizes, shapes and colors sure to please


Cut Flower add on: $7

-small to medium bouquet of flowers and herbs


Free Range Egg add on: $3

-1 dozen fresh eggs


Our farm produces and raise animals and vegetables in a biodynamic way that saves energy, utilizes resources to their highest potential, no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and aims to leave the land better than when we arrived. All of this effort produces flavorful and nutrient dense produce and healthy happy animals!


If you are interested in participating please email us back with this completed questionnaire (copy and paste for convenience).


The share I would like to purchase is:


I would like to pick up my share on Thursday or Sunday (choose one) morning.


I would like a weekly or bi-weekly share (choose one).


My least and favorite vegetable is:


My contact information is (phone and email):


I am interested in this CSA program….


First come, first serve basis so reply quickly!


Questions, concerns, or request are welcomed and appreciated.


Please contact Arianna or email at westmountainfarm@gmail.com .


Other ways to stay connected are www.westmountainfarmandgarden.com and our Facebook page West Mountain Farm and Garden.


Please stay tuned for when the CSA program will begin delivering boxes. Produce starts generating heavily and consistently at the end of May. You will only be charged for the produce, eggs, and flowers you receive, regardless of the ‘shares’ you signed up for.


We understand that situations change and unforeseen circumstances can disrupt our daily schedule. If you or someone else can’t pick up your order or you find yourself in financial hardship, please notify Arianna, I’m sure we can come to a reasonable solution. If an order isn’t picked up once, we understand, if it happens twice your participation in the CSA program will be cancelled.


If you are unable to pick your box up it can always be donated to Community Emergency Outreach (http://www.ceofayetteville.org/), you will still be expected to pay for your share in this situation.


Thank you for your support it is appreciated in so many ways!


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